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A New Age Connecting Platform Designed To Spice Up Your Love Life! 

A Perfect Dating Platform For Cannabis Enthusiasts


Are you one of those cannabis enthusiasts who find it really difficult to find someone having same interests? Would you be interested in a one-of-a-kind service that adds a wow-factor in your dating life?

At Chronic Souls, we believe that everyone has a soul mate who is perfect for them. Our new age connection platform helps you find a compatible partner based on the same chronic interests you share. You can relax knowing that your secret passion is shared by the person sitting across the table from you. Your first date will go smoother as you already know you have something in common with the other person, and you’ll both feel a little more relaxed as you have a starting point to begin discussions.

Chronic Souls isn’t limited to just picking out a partner with the same interests as you. You can also meet people who are from the same field of work, or meet people who share a similar problem you can face together. At Chronic Souls, the goal is to share the most important parts of you with others, and find people who are similar.

You don’t have to skip out on dating because it’s too difficult to find a person who is okay with your unique lifestyle. We are here to help you find someone who shares your passions. You can connect, grow, and form a bond knowing you’ll never have to keep that little secret from them.

Is your chronic interest a bit greener than other people’s?

As laws on marijuana usage are easing, smoking this plant is becoming a lot more common place. Of course, there are still a lot of people out there who aren’t wild about the idea of marijuana being a legal drug, and that can make for some pretty unpleasant dates.

It can feel a little awkward to go right out and say it, but sharing your love for this plant is a fairly common chronic interest. You’ll never have to sit through an awkward date again as your blind date makes it clear they don’t share the same pastimes as you. You can find someone just as comfortable as you with this drug, and let your romance blossom knowing you’ll never have any friction about the topic you hold dearest to your heart.

Plan a date, book table in your favorite restaurant, all in one convenient location

We understand first dates can be awkward, and figuring out where to go or what to do can be hard. Chronic Souls makes it easy for you by helping you plan your date and make your reservations all in one convenient location.

The app makes dating easy through streamlining the entire process. Scroll through a list of restaurants available, choose the one you are interested in, and book a table! It’s that easy.

You can even find out about nearby cannabis related events, so you and your new date can look forward to sharing an event that you have something in common with. Sharing events over your bond is a great way to learn more about each other, and you can relax knowing your date is as interested in the same event as you are.

All of the information for your date can be put on your Google Calendar, so you’ll never forget about an important event months down the road.

Have a chronic illness? Find others who no your pain

This can be an uncomfortable topic to share publicly, but chronic illness is nothing to be ashamed about. Connect with someone who knows what you are going through, and bond with someone who truly understands.

A convenient app you can take with you everywhere.

Chronic Souls is mobile friendly, and is accessible right at your fingertips. You’ll be able to search for your perfect soul mate no matter where you are, whether you are following your passions or busy at work. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet your perfect partner because you weren’t near a desktop. Instead, keep living the life the way you love it with a dating service that is as on the go as you are.

With availability on multiple platforms, you won’t get locked out because you don’t have the right kind of phone or tablet.

How Chronic Souls is different

Most traditional dating websites follow the same principals. You look for a person with similar interests to you, and then try and meet up to see if you are compatible. Unfortunately, most dating sites don’t include important aspects of our new and modern age. Trying to feel out in advance whether your date is going to be okay with you smoking in her presence, or if that will be the end of your relationship right there, can be an awkward experience.

Chronic Souls takes that pain out of your experience by putting your chronic passions right out there in the open for other singles to see. You can express your love for weed in an open manner, knowing other singles on the website are interested in the same thing.

When you meet the other person, you can start talking right away, knowing your new date loves cannabis just as much as you do. We take the awkwardness out of dating, and provide a smooth and functional service with all the perks of a dating site and none of the drawbacks.

Detailed profiles, easy sign-up and more.

Finding a partner has never been easier. Chronic Souls allows you to post a detailed profile, and view others through its easy to use app. Only the people you like can message you, keeping you from having to deal with creepy messages and unwanted pictures simply because you have joined the website. If you like someone, all you have to do is swipe right. If they like you back, you can begin messaging and see if you are right for each other.

The road to a new relationship can be rough, and we do everything in our power to help make it a little smoother.

A new relationship could be just around the corner!

Loving weed and living a new age lifestyle shouldn’t put a cramp in your love life. Through our dating app, you can find people who share your passion. Even if you’re not into weed, you may have another passion that puts a crimp on dating. Whether that love is a passion for rescuing animals, a vegan lifestyle, or simply a love for old movies, you can find someone who shares your passion and is willing to walk the same path with you.

Chronic Souls is a dating app for everyone. Change your life with a new partner who matches your personality.

ü No more having to hide your secret love for marijuana or other secret passion. Now, you can find a partner who shares your interests and would love to go on the same adventures with you.

ü Knowing the person you are dating doesn’t mind smoking a joint can make your date go smoother, and give you a starting point to talk about as you learn more about each other.

ü Discover new places, try new foods, and enjoy fun and exciting events all with the assistance of this unique and easy to use app.

ü Chronic Souls is available in a variety of different forms for your convenience, so you can check for new singles in your area any time you want to.

Let’s get started today!

A new social life is just a click away.

Have fun!

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